Home Ownership Pre-Purchases Counseling

Why Is Everyone Excited About Our “Wow, I’m Home!” Pre-Purchase Counseling Program Where You Can Get 100% Financing?

  • With a FICO score of 620 or better, you will receive incredible terms otherwise unavailable!
  • You will learn about new homebuying opportunities you wouldn’t have known about otherwise!
  • There will be many more programs for you to choose from!
  • And yes! You can qualify for up to 100% financing (zero down payment) as well as pay no closing costs!
  • You’ll pay no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) on some of our programs even with low or no down payment!
  • You can qualify for a Fresh Start even after Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or a Short Sale!
  • You’ll have FHA and Conventional Financing available to help with down payment and closing costs!
  • You’ll have Credit Counseling available if you need help getting qualified for a loan!
  • And you will receive complimentary Financial Planning for achieving life-long financial success and security!

Pure Hearts R Us’ “Wow, I’m Home!” Pre-purchase program starts with a 1-hour consultation that determines where you currently stand for homeownership. During this consultation a credit report is pulled. This gives us a picture of your spending habits and will tell us whether you can presently qualify for an affordable mortgage. Your credit report will also tell us how the banks will judge your mortgage readiness and creditworthiness.

This initial consultation will help your Pure Hearts R Us counselor design an Action Plan for you. After this consultation we will know if you are mortgage-ready right now, or whether you will need Pre-purchase counseling to become ready. This first 1-hour consultation session costs $75.00 per person and pulling your credit report will cost $21.00. A total of $96.00.

If your consultation establishes that you ARE ready to buy, your counselor will help you determine the mortgage amount you can comfortably afford, and which loan program will best meet your needs. Also, you will be directed to take the 8-hour Home Buying Educational Certification Course. This can be done at a Pure Hearts R Us in-person group setting, or at your leisure online.

“Wow I’m Home!” Pre-Purchase Counseling Enrollment:
If your initial consultation determines that you need further pre-purchase counseling, our program will result in a personalized Action Plan to meet your specific needs for obtaining homeownership.
The cost to enroll in pre-purchase counseling is $399.99 per person, a fee that covers continued counseling for up to 2 years. You will have a personal counselor with whom you will meet monthly, or as needed, to make sure you are meeting your financial goals. Your Action Plan will be your blueprint for bringing down your debt ratios, increasing your creditworthiness and everything else necessary for achieving the affordable purchase of a home and ongoing sustainable homeownership.
If you have any questions, please call our office.

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