Home Maintenance

Are you a homeowner and have questions about cost-effective, do-it-yourself home maintenance, maintaining the right amount of homeowner’s insurance, or other issues like legal considerations for homeowners?

At Pure Hearts R Us we provide continuing guidance through our Post-purchase Counseling program. This counseling service is offered in one-on-one sessions that provide you homeownership support and information that will help to make the homeownership experience a fully rewarding one.

What is Included:

  • Discuss home routine home maintenance
  • Assistance with foreclosure prevention should you find yourself at risk or behind on your mortgage.
  • Financial analysis for helping resolve other financial concerns as it relates to maintaining sustainable homeownership.
  • Financial Life Planning will arm you with a simple but thorough action plan for assured homeownership and life-long financial success.

We want to help you maintain a stable, stress-free position to protect and enjoy your large investment.

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