Business Entrepreneur Opportunities

Pure Hearts R Us knows that it takes earning a certain amount of income to be ready for owning a home. We have debt elimination and credit building tools for helping households stretch the amount of current income available for homeownership, but in many cases that just won’t suffice. More income is needed than what available jobs are offering. Have you ever thought of starting your own business on the side? Your own business where you’re the boss? That is a dream many of us share. But the cost! Who has the tens to hundreds of thousands it takes to go into business for yourself? What if it took no more than $300 to start your own business? Or even as little as $100? Pure Hearts R Us’ Business Entrepreneurial Program is designed to offer education about the required qualities of successful entrepreneurship. But beyond that, we also offer suggestions for actual entrepreneurial opportunities with which we have seen people become financially successful. Pure Hearts R Us Housing Agency and Los Angeles Trade Tech College Work-Source Center, the Coalition Responsible Community Development, are joining forces to create jobs and job training to make a difference in the community of Los Angeles and Riverside County. This joint venture will provide opportunities for those who seeking employment or a business opportunities. With this program, we plan to help stimulate the economy and bring more income into households so individuals and families can become financially successful. These opportunities include a financial services business, a travel business, learning real estate, a health and wellness business, and a business involving state-of-the-art video communications. We are excited about our program and these particular entrepreneurial opportunities, any of which could have a major impact on an individual’s or household’s future prosperity. Come to our next Business Entrepreneurial Workshop and meet those opportunity vendors as they showcase their businesses. And in the meantime, get acquainted with them right here by clicking the links below.

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